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Our 3 Support Principles:

  1. Always Personalized, Never Self-Support

    Every ticket you file goes directly to the Spinnaker Support engineers assigned to your account team. You know them by name—they’ve worked with your account throughout its lifecycle. They’ve come to understand the Oracle application environment you’re running intimately. They start working your tickets within minutes, no matter what the severity level. And they even work to resolve the open tickets you accumulated under Oracle-provided support –always striving to get you to zero backlog. Our support model is more responsive, effective, and flexible than the portal-centric self-service model you’ve been forced to use.

  2. Always Senior Problem Solvers, Never Junior Traffic Directors

    Our clients, mid-market to very large, run thousands of Oracle instances in more than 100 countries. Your first touchpoint is always a senior engineer with decades of experience, who has worked with many combinations of Oracle applications and technology stacks. We’ve seen it all. Our experience allows us to analyze and resolve tickets faster, even for issues in your custom code and integrations. You will never get a junior resource or stall tactics with Spinnaker Support.

  3. Always Great Support That Unlocks More Value Opportunities

    We deliver service at an average 62% reduction in annual support fees. Our clients use these dramatic savings, plus the time and resources they regain, to create value across their organizations. Innovation is accelerated. But reduced cost doesn’t mean reduced services. According to the latest survey, our clients are 98.7% satisfied with our support quality – the highest rating in the industry.

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Enhancing your Oracle Experience

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5 Moments That Define Your Spinnaker Support Experience:


The moment you realize we already have intimate knowledge of your account—and won’t push you to an inexperienced junior resource


The moment all the Oracle support services that were slowly stripped away reappear


The moment you realize that we consistently provide better service at a lower price point


The moment you assign newly liberated resources to work on other strategic priorities


The first moment all of your tickets—new and pre-existing—have been closed out

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We are leaders in Oracle third-party support with the accolades to prove it.

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